I have come to understand, in a better sense, my role in this life and the responsibilities that come with existing. I have lived believing that I was a decent, hardworking man who takes great care of loved ones and treats others with compassion and kindness. At least I’ve always strived to do better and to do as little harm as possible. However, with help, I came to a resounding conclusion that I had been living a lie and was inconsistent in my values and actions. This was until, I watched a few documentaries regarding human health, animal suffering, and environmental catastrophes.

I was extremely skeptical before I watched numerous documentaries and made sure to do thorough research in order to inform myself. After and during this process, I felt destroyed, stupid, lied to, angry, charged, energized & repentant. Disregard cultural beliefs about what’s healthy to eat, my belief that I truly loved animals while eating them at the same time was eye opening to say the least.

Years back, I was on a boat sailing near Puerto Rico with friends. Waves were high and alarmingly dangerous. I clung to the rails for my life frozen in fear. I felt like an ant who’s existence could easily be stamped out and forgotten… Fast forward and I have gained a better understanding of my role as a human and the power we exert over other sentient life and the environment.

I have moved forward with a new sense of urgency and responsibility to my family, my health, the earth and all sentient life. I dedicate my work’s content to the principles of Veganism. I hope to inspire, truly do as little harm as possible and to give back in whatever way I can.

Under the Killing Room Floor    2018   *Pastel, acrylic & pen on ceramic wood pressboard.

Under the Killing Room Floor


*Pastel, acrylic & pen on ceramic wood pressboard.